What Salary to Expect For Medical Assistant in Texas?

Careers in medical field are expected to increase through the day by day , providing ample opportunities for those interested in medical career. There is no conformity of earnings in this medical assistant and  vary widely throughout country, but overall, Texas stays very close to the national average in salary range compared to some other states. Medical assistants do not need a special degree or certification to help you enter this field, though a 2 year program at a school is customary and additional certification is a good option for interested assistant who want to develop their career quickly and easily. Texas can be the best place for you to work as medical assistant where you can get noticeable salary range.

Texas does never require licensing or professional certification for medical assistant, but many employers prefer and require certification. The American Association of Medical Assistants provides the CMA credential which will help you to graduate on the accredited training program that passes a certification exam. This accredited program can be completed within six to two years and lead you to a diploma, certificate or associate degree. The fact behind getting the certification is that it can boost the job opportunities and simply it has little role in rising your salary. The pay range of non-certified medical assistant is about $10.80 to $14.60 per hour and that for certified medical assistant is in the range of $11 to $14.90 per hour. Thus, registered medical assistant salary is quite greater than that of unregistered assistants.

If you go through some parts of Texas, medical assistant wages rise just above that of national average. In the Dallas area, the average salary for any in this field is just above $30, 000. Austin and Midland are the next best-paying areas with annual salaries greater than $29, 000 on average.

Employment opportunities for medical assistants are anticipated to grow very quickly over the 2008 to 2018 decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There can be about 34 percent growth in the demand of medical assistant which is much above the national average for all occupations. As of May 2009, 495, 970 health care assistants were employed across America and 40, 890 these were in the state of Texas.

Nationally, the majority of medical assistants are found working in physicians’ offices. More than 62 percent are working in this type of environment. Private and public hospitals also have employed huge number of medical assistant. Likewise other employment opportunities may be found in specialized settings which include outpatient care facilities, colleges or research facilities. The greatest salary paying health facilities for medical assistants can be psychiatric or drug abuse hospitals.

A medical assistant performs a variety of tasks in a health care facility to keep health organization run smoothly. Their duties include interview each patient about their history and any current indications, and takes the patient’s blood pressure and also other vital symptoms. They are also responsible for drawing blood for lab tests, assisting the doctors in undertaking treatments and examinations, and administering oral treatments and injections as directed by the doctor. Medical assistants also routinely have some clerical duties.